In addition to shopping uses, Grippit can be used around the house to hang up towels, etc. both as a temporary or semi-permanent fixture.

Grippits are available in packets of 5 with adhesives and instructions at £2.50 p&p free in UK only. (Dispatch within 24hrs)

Lucky Touch is a novelty item to help put the personal back onto your car-dash or keyboard. The need for Lucky Touch is explained in Cool Postcards No 31 - Inanimate Objects. It should help you enjoy your possessions more and stimulate your own creativity.

£1.50 per set p&p free in the UK.

Celtas is based in Farnham, Surrey, UK. The Cool Postcards site is a Celtas production. The Cool Postcards site contains Poetry, Word Art, Flatpack Sculpture, Grippit, and Lucky Touch. Chris Lobban and Chris Langley are the chief contributors.
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