Customise your Cool Postcards with these Extra
SAS (Select and Supplement) cards

Sized to fit Cool Postcards book.
SAS cards are additional material - singles - to add to and customise your Compact Book.

SAS cards cost £0.49 each when purchased with a Cool Postcards book, but to put them permanently in the book, readers will require a set of lock-studs at £1.49 (inc P&P UK). All profits will be donated to charity.

Gardeners' Friend

I found a ladybird
Trapped inside my double-glazed window
Burning to be free and lucky.

I put him in a bag -
The clear supermarket kind
For those who handle their vegetables.

I put the bag over a frond of budding roses
And left it untied - it blew down the garden.

Tidying it later I saw my friend -
A beacon of busyness and co-operation
That I was lucky to see and all the aphids gone.

© 2004 Chris Lobban

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Special Lock-studs

Gardeners' Friend

Presentation of Colours

Chains of Command

Peter Pan

Major John Howard

Fay's Day

Coincidence of History



The Following SAS cards are The Cricket Specials

Bat and Ball

Malcolm Marshall

Weather Forecasting

Barley Mow - Tilford

Games - Thomas Lord

Gordon Greenidge

John Scott - Headmaster & Cricketer

Katie's Catch

Roger Lane - Hand & Eye

Pilot on Board

Sun Worshippers

The Village Cricket Competition

John's Cricketing Story

The Noah's Ark


Note that individual cards can be created as Greetings Cards. The front of the card and inside front are the same as the front and back of the corresponding SAS card and can be trimmed to be like SAS cards, or entered as is.
Note: If fitting to a Cool Postcards set, either a PCK or lock-stud set will be required.

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The following Type A Kits comprise 3 Picture poem cards, 2 Blank cards and a set of Lock-studs.
They cost £2.99 (incl. UK P & P).

PCK Set 1
Gardener's Friend, Fay's Day, Peter Pan
PCK Set 2
Major John Howard, Presentation of Colours, Sunday Walk
PCK Set 3
Chains of Command, Tilley, Godfatherly Duties
PCK Set 4
Weather Forecasting, Malcolm Marshall, Bat and Ball - Hambledon
PCK Set 5
The Pit - Jazz, Bob Dylan Notes, Little Red Rooster
PCK Set 6
Flat Pack Sculpture, Letter, Nightjars

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