Cool Postcards

A volume of contemporary word art in bite sizes concerning entertainment, humour, literature and media in a new communications medium - and fun! They are the vernacular in an electronic age.

Donations from the sales of Cool Postcards, SAS and PCK card sets and Greetings Cards will be made to
University College Hospitals, London - Leukaemia and Lymphoma Unit

Corporate Editions of the basic Cool Postcards book can be ordered with a selection of SAS cards, specially-written poems and logos as required (Terms on request)

Personal Poems can be written and performed for either corporate or significant personal events such as births, christenings, weddings and memorial epitaphs.(Terms on request)


"These are fantastic poems - cool postcards indeed. They are funny, perceptive and richly layered and the whole design concept is brilliant. I was really touched to have a poem and card dedicated to me - particularly one that took in fox terriers, WMD, testosterone-charged performance, the angle of dangle and global politics in no more than eight lines!"
Archie Baron - Writer and documentary film maker. His films include the multi award-winning BBC1 feature-length documentary The Homecoming, a trans-Siberian journey with Alexander Solzhenitsyn on his return to Russia from exile. Among his many credits during many years as a producer in the BBC's History Department are episodes of People's Century, Timewatch and a series on McCarthyism, The Un-Americans. He is a director of Takeaway Media. (No Slouch!)

About the Author

The author served in the Parachute Regiment both as a soldier and pilot, and flew Special Forces in RAF helicopters. During service life the author carried so many aide-memoires and pilot's notes that he could have stopped bullets and often had to deflect flak with the thickness of paper involved. However, he decided that the format was too good to be wasted so he created Cool Postcards - a book that can be brought up to-date by the reader or otherwise personalised. This volume is a celebration of joy for recovery from cancer following stem-cell therapy and a peek behind the Bravo Two Zero stories.

"Find a classic which wasn't first regarded as light entertainment. Nearly all vernacular works were so regarded until the 19th Century."
Explorations in the New World (of electronic communications) Marshall McLuhan

A limited edition of 100 leather-bound First Edition copies of Cool Postcards are available at £25 each. All profits will be donated to charity. Contact Chris Lobban at .

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